Supplier of Borate Treated Tie Plugs

Advantages of BORATE TREATED tie plugs:

  • Borates are one of the most effective and versatile wood preservative systems available today providing broad-spectrum efficacy and low acute mammalian toxicity.
  • Using plugs treated with water solubles borates provides supplemental protection to a tie as the preservative diffuses in wet wood, moving from around the hole to cracks and exposed wood.
  • The borate-infused wood becomes non-viable for insects and fungal decay, thus extending the service life of the tie.

Borate Treated Tie Plug - Item #072119
Notched, 5/8" x 4 1/2"

Untreated Cedar Tie Plug - Item #2717
Notched, 5/8" x 4 1/2"

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New Office Building

After nearly a year of construction, Kansas City has a new office building! The sleek and modern 13,000 square foot structure includes office space for Operations staff, Sales offices and Iron Highway Logistics. There is a nice reception area, conference room, two employee break rooms and plenty of parking. Besides being spacious and functional, the building is beautifully decorated with train themed art work and lots of greenery.

A ribbon cutting ceremony and open house were held on November 14th. There was a huge turnout for the open house with many customers in attendance, vendors, Kansas City employees and A&K Sales personnel from all of our sales offices. Kevin Yoder, a representative from the office of Congressman Ethan Patterson also attended the open house.

There was a catered buffet lunch from Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ and plant tours were given throughout the event. With so many employees in Kansas City for this event, other meetings were scheduled for our Sales group and Operations group. It was an exciting and productive event.