Landscape Ties

Tie Classification

Relay Ties: Heavy creosote retention (black) with four solid sides. Dry rot and plate cutting not permissible. Twisted ties not permissible. End splitting - not more than half way - not more than ¼” in width - one way only and never penetrating the rail bearing area. Hairline splits can be two or three way. Checks shall be ¼” or less wide, not exceeding fifty percent (50%) of overall tie length and not affecting ability to hold spike when in rail-bearing area. No ballast wear. 

Relay Landscape Ties: (#2 relay) Meets all the specifications for a #1 relay tie. Light creosote retention (bleached gray). 

#1 Landscape Ties: A tie with at least three solid sides. Two or three way end splitting is okay, but no more than ½” in width. Minor dry rot is permissible. Plate cut - 1” or less in depth but not rotted out.

#2 Landscape Ties: A tie with at least two solid sides. Surface rot, 1” end splitting, rot at plate area permissible.

#3 Landscape Ties: A tie with at least one solid side. Splits to 18” deep and 1” wide. Heavy dry rot but generally retains the basic shape of a tie.

#4 Landscape Ties: A tie with no good side. Extreme dry rot.
Splits to 48” deep and 2” wide.


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