Crane Runway Accessories

Depend on A&K for prompt delivery of your complete crane rail components. A&K will deliver rail sections and all accessories in one shipment offering you the economy of single-source purchasing and unitized shipment.

A&K rail clips are available in the designs below to conform to crane rail and tee rail sections. They are designed to securely fasten the rail to the runway girders. Rail clips are normally installed in pairs opposite each other.

All clips are furnished without bolts and nuts unless otherwise specified.

Rail Clamps
One or Two Hole Clamp & Filler
Tight Fit - One Hole - No. 203 Two Hole - No. 204 Loose Fit - One Hole - No. 205 Two Hole - No. 206
Each of these A&K pressed steel clamps are furnished with reversible steel fillers.

Weldable Clips
A&K self-locking clips offer
lateral adjustment for proper rail alignment and a synthetic rubber nose that allows the rail to
move due to thermal expansion and the “bow wave effect”, minimizing stress on the rail and the clip bolts. Clips are available for all rail types with models that can be welded or bolted in place.

Crane Stops
A&K offers crane stops designed for use on all rail sizes through and including 175 lb. rail sections. Each stop is fabricated to the necessary height and contour to correspond with the wheel radius and for contact on tread of wheel. Please contact your A&K rail and track specialist for additional information.

Hook Bolts
Hook bolts are installed in pairs. Alternating hooks are reversed and spaced according to capacity of crane. Specify rail section, bolt diameter, and size and weight of supporting beam when ordering.

Hook Bolt Holes
Rails anchored by hook bolts will require additional holes drilled in the web. Holes for hook bolts are usually spaced in pairs, 4” apart on 24” intervals along the rail.