How To Order

A&K has designed this section as an aid in planning, selecting and ordering rail and other track materials (OTM). Rail sections are the standard AREMA, A.S.C.E., A.R.E.A., and A.R.A. sections except where otherwise indicated.


How To Order Rail

To insure quick shipment of rail to your exact specifications, furnish the following information to A&K:

A. Rail section identity

  1. Weight – lbs. per yard
  2. Section – AREMA, A.S.C.E., A.R.A., A.R.E.A., etc.

B. Length
C. Drilling and bolt hole size
D. New or relay

  1. If new, specify type – standard strength, head-hardened, low alloy, etc.
  2. If relay, specify class – see page 8


Rail Section Identity

The weight and type of most rails can be identified by referring to the dimensional diagrams in this section.
If a special section is not listed or identifying the rail is difficult, simply place a piece of paper against the rail end and impress its outline into the paper by pressing against the rail edges. A&K can match or adapt rail to existing trackage with this information


Rail Drilling

Important: Specify the following dimensions to correctly match existing trackage:

A. Distance from end of rail to center-line of first hole.
B. Center-line of first hole to center-line of second hole.
C. Center-line of second hole to center-line of third hole (where 6-hole joint bars are required)
D. Diameter of bolt hole (or bolt size).
E. Elevation of bolt hole (center-line of bolt hole above base) if rail is not a standard section.


How To Order Joint Bars

A&K maintains a complete inventory of splice bars, full toe angle bars, and toeless joint bars for most standard tee rail and crane rail sections.
Joint bars must be punched to match rail drilling accurately to insure proper rail alignment. Please give A&K the following dimensions:

D. Size of bolt hole (or bolt diameter).
F. Center-line of first hole to center-line of second hole.
G. Center-line of second hole to center-line of third hole.
H. Distance between center-lines of two center holes.

Call an A&K rail and track specialist if you encounter any problems in identifying your trackage or components. A&K’s experienced team will assist you in the identification of your needs to assure prompt, economical delivery.