How To Order

When ordering standard frogs, please specify the following: 1. Frog design
2. Frog number or angle
3. Weight and section of rail
4. Overall length
All measurements should be taken on the gauge lines.
How to Determine the Number of a Frog
The frog number is the ratio of its length (measured on center line of frog) to its width, or the number of inches in length necessary for it to spread one inch in width. For example, a No. 8 frog spreads 1 in 8, a No. 10 frog spreads 1 in 10, etc.
To determine the number of a frog, measure across the frog point at place (A) where the distance between the gauge lines is an even number of inches. Measure again where the distance (B) is an inch greater than at (A). The number of inches (C) between the two measured sections (A and B) is the number of the frog as shown above.
To the left is a table of frog numbers and their corresponding angles.