How to Order Crane Rail

To order standard crane rail give your A&K rail and track specialist the following specifications:

  1. Rail section identity.
  2. Number of lengths required (allow for one short length in each run to provide staggered joints).
  3. Type of rail: standard strength or head-hardened.
  4. Number of pairs of matching joint bars.
  5. Number of heat-treated machine bolts and spring washers.
  6. Crane rail accessories.

If the installation requires special lengths or special drilling, specify drilling (including required dimensions A thru H in the table), lengths of rail, type of rail and joint bars.

A&K rail and track specialists will assist you in selecting the proper rail sections, joint bars, and accessory items to complete your installation to your particular specifications. A&K offers prompt delivery of all your crane rail requirements in one shipment.

Light Crane Rail

A&K stocks light crane rail in 20’ through 40’ lengths, and sections ranging from 25AS through 60AS with matching joint bars and fasteners. Other sections are available upon request. For light crane rail specifications see page 6.

Hook Bolt Drilling

Where crane rail is to be installed with hook bolts, furnish your A&K rail and track specialist with the runway specifications for correct drilling of the rail. Hook bolts are installed in pairs and spaced according to the capacity of the crane (see diagram below). For additional information on hook bolts refer to page 40.