Insulated Joints

Poly-Insulated Joints
A&K insulated rail joints feature a tough polyurethane insulation bonded to micro- alloy joint bar sections. The one piece polyurethane/steel structure provides reliable circuit isolation and maintains electrical and physical stability in heavy rail traffic under varying environmental conditions. A&K’s polyurethane is a specially formulated compound highly resistant to deterioration by ultra-violet, ozone, weathering abrasion, or the shock and flexing stresses of heavy rail traffic. The dense polyurethane material is firmly bonded to the entire rail joint and provides superior insulation between the joint and the rail. The result is a rigid unitized structure designed to withstand years of heavy-duty service, provide high-dielectric isolation for signal circuits, and require little or no maintenance. A&K insulated rail joints meet all AREMA specifications; test data is available upon request. Designs are available for rail sizes up to 141 pounds. When ordering, please specify rail size, rail drilling, bolt diameter, and elevation.

Bonded Insulated Joints
A&K Bonded Insulated Joints are manufactured in accordance with AREMA specifications. Typical joint lengths range from 13’ to 40’, and we can supply longer custom lengths to meet your requirements as needed. We assemble our bonded insulated joints with both new and relay rail in a variety of sections. Other options include standard fiberglass or high strength Kevlar insulation, 6 hole 36” or 8 hole 48” bonded insulated joint bars and hex bolts with hex nuts or huck pins. Standard end post is 3/16” thick for a 90 deg straight cut. Custom end posts can be supplied as well. When ordering, supply rail section, type of rail, length of joint, stagger, type of fastener, type of insulation, thickness and orientation of end post.