Landscape Ties

The Tie Between You and Creative Landscaping
A&K has been reclaiming and selling railroad ties since 1959. With a constant stock of over two million ties nationwide, we’re the leading supplier of landscape and relay ties in the country.
The reasons to choose A&K are clear; we’re professionals who can deliver the landscaping ties you need...on time and at the right price.
Be Creative: Discover all the ways railroad ties lend a raw, natural beauty to any landscaping project. Ties can be used as functional elements or for decorative accents. Construct beautiful fences, corrals, chutes, steps, retaining walls, flower boxes, borders and walkways with ties. Use them for construction applications instead of brick, cinderblock or synthetic materials. Ties can also be used in combination with other materials to create a variety of attractive textures and designs. Because A&K has conveniently located storage facilities throughout the country, we can deliver your order quickly and efficiently. Ties are shipped on receipt of your order via rail and truck lines.

Tie Classification
Relay Ties: Heavy creosote retention (black) with four solid
sides. Dry rot and plate cutting not permissible. Twisted ties not permissible. End splitting - not more than half way - not more than 1/4” in width - one way only and never penetrating the rail bearing area. Hairline splits can be two or three way. Checks shall be 1/4” or less wide, not exceeding fifty percent (50%) of overall tie length and not affecting ability to hold spike when in rail-bearing area. No ballast wear.
Relay Landscape Ties: (#2 relay) Meets all the specifications for a #1 relay tie. Light creosote retention (bleached gray).
#1 Landscape Ties: A tie with at least three solid sides. Two or three way end splitting is okay, but no more than 1/2” in width. Minor dry rot is permissible. Plate cut - 1” or less in depth but not rotted out.
#2 Landscape Ties: A tie with at least two solid sides. Surface rot, 1” end splitting, rot at plate area permissible.