Graphite RR-460 is a heavy duty lubricating coating formulated for railroad switch plate lubrication. It is an excellent lubricant for the rough, demanding requirements of railroad switches. Railroad 460 is quick drying, durable, weather and corrosion resistant, and will not pick up dirt, dust or grit. It has a flash point of 57F.

Glidex® is used for lubrication of railroad switches, slide plates, throw rods, movable bridges, overhead crane rails, couplers and more. Glidex® is non-flammable, non-corrosive, safe to use and provides long-term effectiveness. Glidex® is not water soluble and therefore cannot be washed away by rainfall or melting snow. It provides an adherent barrier that will keep metal components continuously lubricated and offer protection against mild ice formation. Glidex® is a specially formulated synthetic lubrication that is quite fluid, yet remains in place once it becomes static. This "flowability" enables Glidex® to be easily applied by brushing, pouring, or spraying with a handsprayer. The treated surface is environmentally friendly and will not stain surrounding surface areas.