Track Accessories

Tie Plates
A&K tie plates add to the stability of track, lengthen the life of wood ties and provide uniform wear on the rail head. Tie plates are available in single, double shoulder or Pandrol design. When ordering, identify the rail section or the width of the rail base. A&K maintains a vast inventory of new and quality relay tie plates.

New or Relay Rail Anchors
A&K rail anchors are designed to eliminate creepage of track by providing a large bearing surface against the rail base and tie. The anchors prolong the life of wood ties by preventing cutting and wear. Other anchor designs and sizes are available.

'e' Clip Weld-On Shoulders
The 'e' series clip with its unique Weld-On shoulders are designed to be geometric design offers a lightweight, used in special trackwork locations that low cost rail fastening. Spring and do not permit the use of the standard torsion work together to provide a high Pandrol plate. Weld-On shoulders are clamping force, excellent resistance to designed to provide optimum lateral rail rollover and longitudinal restraint. resistance and maximum clip toe load.

Safelok Clip
Used as part of a fully captive system
or as a stand-alone component. This
clip exceeds all AREMA tie assembly
and elastic fastener tests. It is the most widely installed resilient clip on concrete ties. Its positive lock prevents the clip from working out of the shoulder.