Track Tools

Clay Pick-Single Point-AREMA Plan 1-02
Clay Pick-Double Point-AREMA Plan 1-02
Tamping Pick-AREMA Plan 2-02
Spike Maul-AREMA Plan 3-08
Track Wrench-Single End-AREMA Plan 4-07
Track Wrench-Double End-AREMA Plan 4-07
Lining Bar-Diamond Point-AREMA Plan 5-02
Lining Bar-Pinch Point-AREMA Plan 5-02
Lining Bar-Wedge Point-AREMA Plan 5-02
Rail Tongs-Two-Man-AREMA Plan 6-02
Tie Tongs-One-Man-AREMA Plan 7-10
Timber Tongs-Two-Man-AREMA Plan 8-10
Spike Puller-4 Knob-AREMA Plan 9-10
Rail Fork-AREMA Plan 10-03
Claw Bar-80-E-AREMA Plan 11-10
Track Adze-AREMA Plan 12-07
Carpenter's Adze-AREMA Plan 12A-07
Double Faced Sledge-AREMA Plan 13-08
Tamping Bar-Chisel End-AREMA Plan 14-02
Tamping Bar-Spear End-AREMA Plan 15-02
Tie Plug Driver-AREMA Plan 16-02
Track Chisel-AREMA Plan 17-08
Track Punch-Round-AREMA Plan 19-11
Track Gauge-Pipe Center-AREMA Plan 20-12
Track Gauge-Wood Center-AREMA Plan 20A-08
Track Shovel-AREMA Plan 21-08
Ballast Fork-AREMA Plan 22-08
Scoop-AREMA Plan 26-08
Combination Track Level and Gauge-AREMA Plan 27-08
Rail Tongs for Cranes-AREMA Plan 31-97
Track Spike Lifter-AREMA Plan 32-08
Rail Thermometer-AREMA Plan 34-02
Nut Cutter (Track Chisel)-AREMA Plan 35-08
Hot Cutter 3# (Welders Chisel)-AREMA Plan 36-08
Hot Cutter 5# (Welders Chisel)-AREMA Plan 37-08
Drift Pin Short-AREMA Plan 38-06
Drift Pin Long-AREMA Plan 39-06
Spiking Tool-AREMA Plan 41-08
Rail Tongs for use with Truck Crane-AREMA Plan 42-05
Switch Clip Wrench-AREMA Plan 43-97
Nipping Bar-AREMA Plan 44-97
Nipping Fork-AREMA Plan 45-09
Drift Pin Remover-AREMA Plan 46-11
Offset Wedge-AREMA Plan 47-08
Plug Bond Backout Punch-AREMA Plan 48-09
Tie Tongs-AREMA Plan 50-10
RCAT-A1 Track Level and Gauge
The RCAT-A1 Combination Track Level and Gauge
is a two piece Model. The RCAT-A1 permits a quick, accurate reading of track level and gauge by means of two graduated dials.
Track Jacks - Rated Load 15 Tons