Welding / CWR

A&K has a complete CWR services group which can fill your every need with regard to continuous welded rail. A&K can pick up and deliver relay CWR or weld new or relay rail and ship it direct to your site. Our in-house logistics group can expedite movement of the rail trains so your CWR arrives on time at your location. A&K crews can either unload the CWR along your right-of-way or place it in stockpiles for future use. A&K’s complete CWR services group includes welding plants, rail pick up units, rail trains and locomotive power to provide you with on time service.

Continuous Welded Rail Relocation

A&K has the equipment and manpower to relocate your continuous welded rail from its present site to a new site for future use. To accomplish this, A&K has CWR pick up units capable of loading two 1600-ft strings of CWR simultaneously onto a rail train – either A&K’s or a customer provided train. The pick up can take place on either an abandoned line or one that has been recently changed out. Offloading of the rail can either be to stockpile or to an alternate track where it is laid at the end of the ties ready for installation. A&K provides the complete service with regard to rail relocations and has experience on heavy haul as well as high speed railroad lines.

Rail Welding

A&K has fixed and portable rail welding plants. Our portable plant can be set up and configured to meet the smallest welding project of just a few strings or set up for high-production welding. We can come directly to your site, bringing in all manpower and equipment to facilitate almost any project. For large projects we would bring in a complete portable plant including a 50-pocket rail train for high production and reduced rail train transportation time. For mid-sized jobs, we would use our mini-train where specialized CWR rail carts are utilized for transportation and layout of CWR strings. All applications can be used for new construction or CWR change-out projects. Utilizing our versatility and expertise, we can maximize efficiency and reduce your costs.

A&K’s Railroad Car Fleet

When car capacity gets tight, A&K has the cars to get your project moving. We have a complete set of rail cars to handle all of our products. Our fleet consists of gondolas for standard length rails and OTM; 89-ft flat cars for 80-ft rails; center beam flat cars for new and relay cross ties; CWR trains for welded rail; and specially equipped gondolas for panelized turnouts. Our equipment is available to serve your needs.