SD Series Derail Video

LPTS - Low Profile Portable Derail
Used where temporary protection of workers and tracks are required. Derails in one direction only. Step-bar butts up against tie to secure derail. Set screw allows proper derail fit to varying rail sizes. Sign included. Clamp assembly accepts customer’s padlock. Fits rails 75-141 lb. per yard.

Western-Cullen-Hayes Size Chart for HB & EB Derails
Please specify rail section and model when ordering.

EB Series - Permanent Hinged
EB Series is for rails 40 lbs. and heavier. Derail block is lifted and swung over top of rail. In the“off”position, block lies between the rails. Can be padlocked in “on” or “off ” positions.
(Padlock not included). Sized to fit a specific rail size.

HB Series - Permanent Sliding
From a standing position, the worker can move derail to “on” or“off”position. Only 29 lbs. of handle effort is needed to position derail. High Style operating stand requires two 14 foot or longer ties to meet railroad clearance requirements for rails 40 lbs. and heavier. Red/white target and lamp tip included in package. Derail can be padlocked using customer’s padlock. Derail must be used in conjunction with a manual operating stand or power-assisted device.

HB Sliding Derail with Wheel Crowder per UP Standard Drawing 2007E

Wheel Crowder
Wheel Crowder cannot be used without HB or EB series derail. Crowders are mounted to the rail opposite the derail and assist the derail by guiding the wheels of the rolling stock off the rail as the derail lifts and turns the wheels. Crowders are an economical alternative to switch point derails.

The Nolan Company
PD Series - Portable
Available in both double end and single end. Wedge-type clamp secures the derail and flag to the rail head. Lightweight, tough, easily and quickly installed, they provide protection for track crews anywhere. Clamp assembly accepts customer’s padlock. (PD-1 Double-End with staff and flag shown at right)

HD Series - Low Profile Hinged with Handle
At a 2-3/4” height above the top of the rail head, HD derails ensure effective derailments of rail cars, including mainline locomotives, whose locomotive pilots are cleared by the derail’s low profile height. Allows a longer “travel run,” which increases the derail’s functionality at higher speeds. Includes handle.

HD Series Staff Assembly
The HDF and HDHF derail staff assemblies will fit all HD Series Derails. HDF is a manual assembly with no connecting rod. HDHF includes a connecting rod and the staff automatically “flips up” when derail is thrown onto rail. Double sided derail rail flags are sold separately.

SD Series derails are fabricated from tough carbon steel and are produced using a proven design featuring a lower height above the rail head. They will derail all rolling stock including mainline locomotives.

SD Series - Permanent Sliding

There are two standard connecting rods for both styles of operating stands. One connecting rod is shorter for a “near rail” installation and one is longer for a “far rail” installation. A near rail installation is when the operating stand and sliding derail are installed on the same side of the track. A far rail installation is when the operating stand and sliding derail are installed on opposite ends of the track.
SD Series – Connecting Rod